Columbus is a fully Brazilian company founded in 1993, composed by former employees from the commercial and technical/industrial areas from Engesa - Engenheiros Especializados S.A. (that bankruptcied that year), to avoid the vanishing of the technology developed and applied in their products exported to over 20 countries.

Columbus started with the main goal to maintain, modernize and develop new technologies that, when applied to the vehicles made by Engesa, it will revive the Brazilian position among the countries that possesses own technology to develop defense material.

Our Main Goals:

●    Supplying of specialized maintenance and spare parts to all products manufactured by Engesa, to enhance its lifetime.  This covers all range of military vehicles manufactures: EE-9 Cascavel, EE-11 Urutu, EE-15 (4x4 truck), EE-25 (6x6 truck), EE-12 and others.

●  Analysis, design and supplying of modernization programs for the products manufactured by Engesa, updating them with the state-of-the-art technology available in the world.

●  Participation in new civilian and/or military vehicles developing and manufacturing enterprises.